Episode #6 - Part One - your Path to passive income with amazon



...This is the FIRST part of a 4 part mini series on Private Labels


Private labels is a strategy that's considered the "end goal" by many people who have ecommerce businesses.



You've spent hours hussling with arbitrage, wholesale, reselling and dropshipping.


Not to mention all the biting, scratching, bleeding, buy box battles, 3am RA trips, and crying when Amazon takes over your listing.


Now it's time to let the hard work pay off by focusing on a more "hands off" strategy.


Not to say all your troubles will disappear. There's still a lot of work involved, but the kind of work is very different when you control your own listings and sell your own products.


In this episode we discuss why Private Labelling is the best strategy to 'end up on', and how it gives you so much more leverage.


Plus, you can run your private label business from anywhere in the world.




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what’s covered in this episode:


  • Why Private Labelling snowballs so quickly
  • Clear evidence 'Average Joes' are crushing it with PL
  • When it's the PERFECT time to start importing products
  • Why 50% of the work is done before you even begin
  • The beauty of the private label lifestyle
  • The product I forgot about that sold 95 times in 30 days
  • The three CORE parts to launching every PL product
  • Why many business owners fail




links mentioned in this podcast:


Jungle scout

My "4 Reasons Private Labels Will Change Your Life"



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He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

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