05. April 2020
30. March 2020
23. March 2020
16. March 2020
09. March 2020
Grab Terry's Book 'The Fifteen Percent: Overcoming Hardships and Achieving Lasting Success'
14. February 2020
In today's video, I'll be answering questions from my Q&A Facebook group. If you'd like to get your question answered in an upcoming video, click this link to join the group: I want to join 'Ollie's Ecommerce Q&A Group' Please note, you need to answer the questions that appear when you join or you won't be allowed into the group. I'm doing this to prevent spammers in the community.
14. February 2020
So, how will the Corona Virus affect your business? This is a question I've had multiple times in the past couple of weeks and I thought I'd make a video just to get clear on the facts and give you some pointers as to what's happening right now in the world with the virus, how it's affecting industry, what I think is going to happen over the next few months and when I think it will be contained. And also what actions you can do if you have a business that involves China and how you can preve
10. February 2020
Hey, how's it going? It's Ollie here. Great question today from Sue. Sue asks, how do you make your product stand out on Amazon? Now this is a big topic and it's possibly one of the most important things you will need to learn how to do to have success on Amazon. So I thought I would create an entire video answering this question and just talking about some ways you can make your product stand out, how to do it successfully, and why some sellers, unfortunately, get it a bit wrong.
10. February 2020
Hey, how's it going? It's Ollie here. Today we've got a question from Lorna Whitfield and Lorna asks, what is the best criteria to move a private label product up through the ranks in Amazon UK?
07. February 2020
Hey, how's it going? It's Ollie here. Today we have a question from Ruhi and Ruhi asks, how do you work out what to sell in places the Jungle Scout tool and others are not supported?

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