23. February 2018
From Day one when you're actually thinking about looking for a product to import and sell on your Amazon account, you should have in the back of your mind a brand that you'd like to build in the future. It's very important that you have this kind of brand mindset. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why this is so important.
22. February 2018
How to 'validate' product opportunities by importing small amounts of stock first. Importing 20,000 units of a product that you think's going to perform pretty well isn't very cautious ...so do this instead!
22. February 2018
In this private label product case study, I walk you through a seller is generating almost £30k per month selling a 'boring' product on Amazon.
23. January 2018
This is something I fell victim to last year and see too many people falling victim to it already this year, setting realistic goals for themselves. YOU SHOULDN'T BE SETTLING FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN 10X'ING YOUR GOALS In today's episode, I share with you what happened to me when I had set realistic goals for myself last year. This year, I've decided to 10x my goals and the results have already been profound. You'll be learning the exact reasons why you need to 10x your goals in 2018! Listen to...
06. December 2017
There is no excuse as to why you want start an Amazon business. Because when you start an Amazon business, you can start to live your ideal life. The Only Excuse Holding You Back Is The One You Made Up In Your Mind In today's episode, I speak with Tim Savage. Tim part of the inner circle members group and was able to £5,000 in sales in his first 30 days of selling on Amazon. In the episode, Tim will share with you the exact steps he took to generate so much revenue in only a month! Listen to...
22. November 2017
People are always asking how quickly can they grow their Amazon business? I'm going to tackle that question and more today! The Only Thing Stopping You From Success Is Your Mindset In today's episode, I share with you the four different phases it takes to successfully start and grow your Amazon business! Listen to all our episodes and leave a review: HERE
14. November 2017
How would it feel to live your ideal lifestyle? What happens if you suddenly get let off and need to create another income for yourself? I'm going to take those questions and more today! You Should Be Living Your Ideal Life Everyday In today's episode, I walk you through an amazon case study on how and why I created an $11,000 per month product! Listen to all our episode and leave a review: HERE
07. November 2017
This is something everything new Amazon seller goes through. What happens when the product that sells the most starts to sell the least? That's what I'm going to tackle today. There's Never A Reason Your Product Shouldn't Be Seeing Sales In today's episode, I go through three different strategies I've used to boost my Amazon products sales when they were slow. If your product has hit a plateau then this episode is definitely for you!
31. October 2017
Before you start a private label business you might have heard of some rumors or myths about the private labelling business that have held you back from starting your own business. I will de-bunk each myth and explain to you why you should start your own private label business. "The best time to start a private label business was yesterday. The next best time to start a private label business is now," Me :) In today's episode, I share with you the 5 most common myths people have that hold them...
24. October 2017
In this blog post, our audience will learn how selling on eBay can generate quick profit and allow them to fulfill all their business desires and get them one step closer to their financial freedom.

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