Episode #28: 9 Steps For The Perfect Private Label Launch


It's one thing to import a bunch of products from China and get them to sell, but how do you actually do this profitably?


In this episode I walk you a comprehensive guide to the perfect private label product launch (that doesn't involve any gambling or guesswork to get right!)



Here's what I cover: 


- How to conduct proper product research. I reveal the simple task I give to all my clients who struggle to find products that meet the criteria. Hint: it doesn't involve using any new shiny software, or any 'shortcuts'


- The essential step I include in my private label launch process that most people miss out. (This saves me thousands!)


- The main elements you have to refine in your product's listing to get it to sell. 


- How to 'crunch the numbers' and figure out if your launch will actually be PROFITABLE. I run through ALL the costs to include, how to figure out your profit margins, and what to do if you can't make them work.


- How to get your product to 10 sales per day and beyond.


- A few essential tips on reordering, and growing your business beyond one 'smash hit' private label product.



Links mentioned: 


The Ultimate Private Label Product Research Handbook




Oliver Denyer About Ollie

Ollie is an ecommerce and lifestyle business enthusiast.
He's sold over $1,000,000 worth of products that he's never had to touch, pack or ship himself.
A persistent disdain towards feeling like he's in a "job" has inspired him to create businesses that are FUN to run.
This means leveraging big companies to ship products, outsourcing laborious tasks to a team of VA's and running everything from a laptop.
He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

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