‘Strategy Advisor' Sales Position



Here at Ecommerce Freedom, it’s time for us to begin offering more coaching to the world, so we can get in closer with our customers and help them further.


Are you a GREAT on the phone, and love calling inbound leads all day?

Do you LOVE building relationships, answering questions and helping people?

Are you motivated by commissions?

This ‘Strategy Advisor Sales Position position could be perfect for you.


The role doesn't involve closing. You'll be qualifying and passing leads onto our strategy specialist. You'll just be seeing if each lead is a fit for us.


On Target Earnings = £31,200 Per Year


Have a quick read of the objectives below, and if you feel like you could dominate this role, then you'll find instructions to apply at the bottom of the page!


The position will be 100% remote - so you can work from home, or from wherever you like, as long as the writing is delivered on time and excellent quality.


We’ll discuss the pay model and hours etc at the interview stage.





1. Call EVERY inbound lead within 5 minutes


- As new leads come in, dial the number and have a conversation. You'll be the first point of contact for every new lead, so you'll be the face of the company.


- Build rapport quickly, gather information and qualify each lead so we can handle them appropriately (you won't be selling on the phone. You'll be passing qualified leads onto our strategy specialist).



2. Manage leads and stay organised


- Track opt-ins, sales and build a database of our leads and customers


- Use a scheduling software to swiftly book in calls with leads



3. Provide a TON of value to our leads. No ‘used car salesman’ tactics, but rather help people solve their problems. Once you’ve figured out how we can help them, offer next steps.



4. Own and run lead qualification as if it was YOUR business.


- You will be set targets, but aim to PUSH them, and come up with creative ways to grow the business from your side


- Innovation at any stage of the sales process is welcomed. What can YOU bring to the role? Better lead management? Better qualification? Better offers? We’re open to ideas.



5. Stay in the loop of ecommerce and the Ecommerce Freedom business 



- What’s happening with Amazon, ecommerce trends, what strategies work, what issues there are etc


- Know what webinars/trainings we’re running, what products we have, what content is available, 

Follow all the success stories we produce! (this will make your job MUCH easier)



6. Have a solid understanding of our products and how we can help people


- Be REALISTIC when helping people set goals, based on what we’ve helped people achieve in the past 


- Develop a deep understanding of the strategies we teach, and how they can help people achieve their goals 




Key Performance Indicators:


  1. Speed to call each lead
  2. Number of Followups with leads
  3. Number of sales from the leads you qualify + pass on





  • LOVES being on the phone, talking to new people and qualifying leads
  • Leader who will be integral in the Ecommerce Freedom organisation
  • PROVEN track record of excellent call performance (references required)
  • Self starter + massively driven by targets
  • Great at organising lead flow, finding more opportunities to start conversations, build relationships with customers, give VALUE and ultimately close sales. (Never pushy, no pressure, no annoyance)
  • LOVES the idea of taking ownership of a business and helping it grow.



If you read through the list of questions and begin screaming 'this is SO me!!'...


Then I want to connect with you.


Shoot a message with your Linkedin profile URL in the subject line to this email:




I'll get back to you shortly with a couple of questions.


Speak soon!


- Ollie.


Oliver Denyer About Ollie

Ollie is an ecommerce and lifestyle business enthusiast.
He's sold over $1,000,000 worth of products that he's never had to touch, pack or ship himself.
A persistent disdain towards feeling like he's in a "job" has inspired him to create businesses that are FUN to run.
This means leveraging big companies to ship products, outsourcing laborious tasks to a team of VA's and running everything from a laptop.
He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

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