Episode #3 - My best "Hacks" to crush it with Retail Arbitrage


Retail arbitrage is a REAL strategy, and it's helped countless people grow their capital to begin their ecommerce journeys.


But as you've probably guessed, it's not get "rich quick". It takes real work, and it takes time.


I want to make it as easy as possible for you. I wanna give you all the "hacks" you'd only learn from countless hours of trying and failing with retail arbitrage, and give you what you need to crush it with this strategy.


In my Automate Amazon UK Facebook group I asked all the people who regularly do RA to unleash their best tips and tricks - and I've leaked them all on this episode for you.



Learn how to cut your product hunting time in half, get bonus money when stores screw up, hunt down hot sellers like a ninja ...and loads more!



Make sure you grab my "Fast Start Guide" to making profits with Amazon. It's a plain english, no nonsense guide to starting your Amazon business:



….This will teach you how to get set up on Amazon, research your first profitable items to sell, analyse them so you don’t waste any money, then send the suff into their warehouse to watch it sell.




Here’s what this episode covers:



  • Why 30 minutes doing RA isn't enough
  • How to find hidden deals/bargains in shops
  • How to begin building a network of retail suppliers
  • The best website to seek out great RA products
  • How to instantly 10x your results from an awesome product find
  • Why you should always check your receipts
  • How to avoid missing 80% of a store's profitable stock




Links mentioned in this episode:


Hot Uk Deals

My fast start guide to selling on Amazon




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Oliver Denyer About Ollie

Ollie is an ecommerce and lifestyle business enthusiast.
He's sold tens of thousands of products he's never had to touch, pack or ship himself.
A persistent disdain towards feeling like he's in a "job" has inspired him to create businesses that are FUN to run.
This means leveraging big companies to ship products, outsourcing laborious tasks to a team of VA's and running everything from a laptop.
He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

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