EPISODE #8 - PART Three - Quick and easy marketing to get your product to sell


...This is the THIRD part of a 4 part mini series on Private Labels


Once your product hits the Amazon marketplace, make sure it gets the attention is deserves!



After you've chosen a 'hot seller', it's time to get customer's eyes on the product. 


If you focus on getting sales and reviews from the day your product launches, you'll gear yourself up for success. Learn how to increase the ranking of your product on the Amazon search results, and convince customers it's the perfect product for them!


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what’s covered in this episode:


  • Putting together the perfect listing
  • Increasing sales with your product with images
  • Creating SEO optimised titles (without 'keyword stuffing')
  • Intro to copywriting & creating great bullets and description
  • Getting reviews without breaking Amazon's policy
  • How to use Amazon sponsored ads
  • Boosting your product's BSR with promotions
  • Using FB pages to drive traffic to your products




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My "4 Reasons Private Labels Will Change Your Life" ebook



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