Episode #9 - Part Four - Designing your ideal lifestyle with a PL business


...This is the FOURTH and final part of a 4 part mini series on Private Labels


Put all the 'theory' together and set a solid goal to hit within a set period of time.




Lack of results rarely comes from a lack of information. Usually, it's due to lack of direction.


Begin your path to success by setting a clear and specific income goal, and then break it down into easily achievable steps.


In this episode, I do the work for you and draw out a simple breakdown of how you can build a PL business that will help you hit YOUR lifestyle goals. 



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what’s covered in this episode:


  • The best way to set yourself up for failure
  • How to effortlessly smash through mundane tasks and stay motivated
  • How to afford a supercar without being a millionaire
  • So how many PL products should you launch?
  • Working backwards from your goal in easy steps
  • The formula for creating your ideal lifestyle




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My "4 Reasons Private Labels Will Change Your Life" ebook




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Oliver Denyer About Ollie

Ollie is an ecommerce and lifestyle business enthusiast.
He's sold tens of thousands of products he's never had to touch, pack or ship himself.
A persistent disdain towards feeling like he's in a "job" has inspired him to create businesses that are FUN to run.
This means leveraging big companies to ship products, outsourcing laborious tasks to a team of VA's and running everything from a laptop.
He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and helping people find more freedom through business.

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