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Hey, how's it going? It's Ollie here. Really excited today because it's the day of my product research master class. So tonight I'm going to be showing you live my exact process for how I find hot niches to sell in on Amazon. You get to watch me as I go through my process and find several hot products on the Amazon marketplace.


So you actually get to watch me do this stuff, and any product that I find that you think you'd like to sell on your account, you can keep it. So it could be a very, very, very productive way to spend some time. So you're gonna get a link, if you're above or below this video to sign up and register for that master class.

And I really look forward to seeing you there.


I don't know where to start. I want to know how I can start a real business with Amazon without doing retail arbitrage.


Today we've got some great questions from new members. I'm really excited to get down to it and answer them. Abdul asks, I don't know where to start. I've previously experimented with little retail arbitrage and it went well, but I want to know how I can start a real business with Amazon without doing retail arbitrage, for example, private label products.


Great question Abdul, and it's really cool that you've done retail arbitrage and actually because of that you're in the perfect position to start selling private labels. A lot of my clients start working with me, we start building their businesses together, and they've never sold a thing on Amazon before. The biggest stumbling blocks they have in the beginning is usually getting the account set up and getting stock sent into the account. This is the biggest stumbling block.


So what happens is, that can cause them a lot of stress. Like when they've imported some stuff from China and then they try and send it into the warehouse, the whole process of prepping it, putting it in boxes, getting it sent in safely, it's nerve wracking for them and it can be frustrating the first time round.


You've done that stuff right? You've prepped stuff, you send it into Amazon, you get it, you've got your account ready and it's ready to go. It's the perfect time for you to get started, man. And it's great that you're thinking about it. So in terms of how you get started and what the first step is, the next thing you need to do is you need to find a really hot niche to sell products within.


In other words, what's going to be a good product for you to sell? Obviously tonight on my masterclass, I'm going to be showing you exactly how I research products. So register for that if you haven't done so already. Also, if you go into the Facebook group, it's called Ollie's e-Commerce Q&A Group - obviously Abdul you're inside the group already - but some people are watching this video outside the group.


So you can join the group on Facebook and there's an announcement at the top of the group that gives you everything you need to know to find hot products. There's a PDF that teaches you my smash hit product radar. And that shows you all the elements you need when you're looking for a hot product. So go check out the announcement at the top of the group, download that PDF, get that resource and that will get you started finding a hot product.


Then once you found the hot product, you can look for suppliers, get a test batch in - maybe 50 units, get them sent into your account and see if it'll sell. If they do, take it from there, reorder, and keep moving forward. Great question. Abdul.


How much time will I need to dedicate in starting an Amazon business whilst also running another business full time?


Deanne asks, how much time will I need to dedicate in starting an Amazon business while also running another business full time? Great question, Deanne.


If you're super busy full time with your other business - the good thing about an Amazon business is, because 90% of it's handled by Amazon themselves. The website is handled, the fulfillment, the brand, the design of the website, the customer service - all that stuff's handled by them. It's actually a relatively low time intensive business as you're growing.


If you look in the group, actually a post from somebody who asked, "I'm looking to hear your story if you've done more than 500 pounds in sales." They posted I think it's like a big blue picture with the words, something like that. Like, I want to hear from people who've done at least 500 pounds a month in sales, two people actually replied to the post and let them know how their businesses were going.


One of them was Mike O'Connor and the other one was Suja. They explained on the post how they only work five to 10 hours a week on their business selling on Amazon and generating up to 10 grand a month. So you really can get a lot of momentum without putting too much time in.


Now obviously as you grow your business and it gets bigger, once you get to say, high six figures, seven figures, it's going to take more time. Definitely.

But as you grow in it, you can definitely put in part time hours. So you should be able to get started, just working evenings and weekends, even if you have a full time business. So great question, Dan.


How can I start a business on Amazon after completing Ollie's course on selling online and be assured that it will be successful?


Jalloh, hopefully I pronounced your name correctly, asks, how can I start a business on Amazon after completing Ollie's course on selling online and be assured that it will be successful? This is a great question, Jalloh, and quite a lot of people have asked me this. How can you guarantee that I'm going to get success if I take your trainings, your programs, your coaching, etc.


And the answer's always the same. I cannot assure you that you're going to get success and results. I can't do that. Number one, it would be illegal for me to say I guarantee you get results. It would be illegal because you can't make claims like that. It's like saying, if you take this diet pill I guarantee, you're going to lose a hundred pounds. A claim that isn't backed up by anything. So I can't say that.


All I can do is point you towards the countless success stories that I do have. So if you go to and you look for the Raving Fans tab at the top of the website, click on that. You'll see so many people who've taken my various trainings and made a lot of money. That is the proof you need that this stuff works and that you have a possibility of getting results.


Now the reason why I can't guarantee it other than the legal stuff is because a lot of it's down to you. You could join my program, and you could join my cause,

you could watch the videos and you could take zero action, right? And I can't control that, unfortunately.


So, providing you take action, and you follow the advice, and you followed the system closely that I teach, because of the other people who've done that and a lot of them have got results, you should feel comfortable that the system works and the training works all right. And that should be enough proof that this stuff is real and you have an opportunity here to build a real business. Hope that answers your question, Jalloh.


Once my business takes off, how do I maintain it and grow slowly and don't lose control?


Sejal asks, once my business takes off, how do I maintain it and grow slowly and avoid losing control? So this is a good question, Sejal.


I think what you're asking is, how do I prevent my business from growing too quickly and me not being able to keep up with all the things happening in the business? Well, first of all, you should be so lucky. You should be so lucky. What you're asking is, what happens if I have too much success? What happens if it moves too fast?


This is a little bit like when girls don't want to go to the gym and lift weights because they're worried about becoming really muscly. You should be so lucky. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a female to put on real muscle and create a really muscular figure? It's really hard, right? Because they just don't have as much testosterone as guys. So big testament to the women who do have extreme physiques, right? It takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of time.


Going to the gym consistently for like a couple of months is not going to get you that kind of result is exactly the same with business. It's not like you're going to be doing millions in your first few months. Things take a while to build up. So if things are going really fast and you are getting a lot of success, then you should be so lucky. In other words, it's a really, really good problem to have, right?


It's a fantastic thing when things are going slightly out of your control because what that means is you will have the resources, the experience to fix the problems. If things are moving too fast, you can take some of the money you're making and you could hire someone to help you so you can solve these problems.


That's my first thing, I wouldn't worry about this, it's a good problem to have, and let's get the business off the ground first before you start thinking about that. But also remember you can control every step of the way. In fact, I think it was Sejal who posted a comment in the group the other day, she said one of the things that she wished she did a little bit better in the beginning was not reorder too much stock. Has she found a product that she tested and it went well.


She said one of the mistakes she made is she reordered the product and she ordered too much stock. So this is an example of when you have the control, you can move slowly. Rather than let's say, you sell 50 units or a private label product and it all sells and it does well, you can now control how many orders you make next. So you could order a hundred units and just see if they still sell well and then order 300 units and see if they sell well or you could jump in and order a thousand units you have to control.


And now it's much more sensible to be conservative and order less compared to going in ham and ordering a thousand units. Right? So that's one thing I would say to keep things manageable. Keep the level of stock you order relatively low as you progress and only order more as you get really comfortable when you have real evidence that you know it's all going to sell. So that's my advice, Sejal, hope that's helpful for you and yeah, let me know what you're doing next to get your business off the ground.


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So you fill in that box, ask me a question, I'll answer it on one of these videos, and then you'll join amazing community full of real Amazon sellers who are really hungry. And it's just a great place to be. So click the link, join the group. If you're in the group right now, then make sure you like this video, comment, and if you've got any more questions, post them in the group and I'll answer and I'll speak to you all very soon.


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