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Hey, how's it going? It's Ollie here. Today we've got a question from Andy and Andy asks, do I reorder a private label product which is making £200 per month, minimum order £8,500, or do I find new products to launch making possibly two to £300 per month each for a lot less outlay? Goal is to have four products giving 1K profit per month.


So first of all, Andy, welcome to the group. Thank you very much for this question. I was quite excited when I saw it 'cause I thought I could really help you here, give you a decent answer, and it would probably help out a lot of the other members in the group as well.


First of all, let me just get clear on your figures. I guess you got a product right now which is doing £200 profit per month, I'm assuming, right? 'Cause if it was £200 sales, you probably wouldn't be considering reordering. I'm going to make that assumption. If I'm wrong, let me know and we can tweak the answer. But let's go ahead with that assumption. Okay?


So first of all, whenever I'm launching a product, I aim on average to get a thousand pounds profit per month. And there are a lot of niches in the UK where this is entirely possible. So your product's relatively low on the profit level we would aim for.


Now there's actually nothing wrong with this because at the end of the day profit is profit. I mean, you might have a goal you want to hit with your business, whether it's to replace your income, whether it's to grow something you can sell. Whatever it is, you have a goal, and that goal includes a certain level of profit that you want to hit per month in total, whatever that number is. We all have a number. Maybe it's 5K a month profit or whatever.


So whether you have to launch five products that do a grand a month each, or 20 products that do less amount each, right? Can't figure that out in my head this quickly on a video. But no matter how many products you have to launch, as long as you hit your profit levels, it's fine. So it's not necessarily a bad thing.


However, if you have to spend £8,500 on a reorder to get more stock for this product, then we have to think very carefully before doing that because it's going to take you a long time to get £8,500 back. If the product's only making you 200 pounds a month, I believe that number one, there is a cheaper way you could reorder. I think you should try to find a cheaper way to reorder that product.


£8,500 is a lot of money for a reorder for a product that doesn't do too well in the grand scheme of things. So there's a few things you can try. Number one, negotiating with the supplier. Now, I know sometimes this can be a normal start off, the supplier just will not budge, but it's always worth trying. If you haven't tried yet, negotiating a smaller minimum order that might be worth a shot.


Another option you could have is find another supplier. I'm assuming the product that you have is a private label product. And in order to make the product, a lot of these manufacturers have a set of templates that they use to create products, whether it's molds, whether it's designs for the way the fabric is shaped or you know, depending on what the product is, they'll have a template for how to build it, right?


So loads of factories will probably have the same template and they have a pool of templates and they can pull any one of them out and make a run of your product. And so what I'm saying is you can get the same thing from another supplier. The chances are that, that other supplier will be able to give you much smaller quantities of this product and pretty much give you the exact same result. So I would do that before placing an eight grand order. I would do that.


Contact another 20 suppliers out there. Really do you due diligence. Contact as many factories as you possibly can and just get quotes from all of them. What you might find is, someone can make the exact same product for cheaper with a minimum order, quantity that's lower, and they may even have better shipping, better communication... they might be nicer. Who knows, if you're only speaking with one supplier, then you only know one person's version of how to produce this product and you might not be seeing the big picture.


I don't know how many suppliers you contacted to find this product, but if you haven't contacted many, then there's probably an opportunity here to restock cheaper. So I would look at that. And yeah, if you're going to restock, I would probably order a smaller amount with this product. So that's what I propose you do.


And with your goal, you want to get to a thousand pounds profit per month. I would start looking in niches where the demand is a little bit higher because you could launch a product that does a thousand pounds profit per month on its own. In fact, if you look at Suja's interview, this is 100% proof that this stuff is possible.


Because she has four products on her account and on average each one does a grand a month, even on a slow month. So this is entirely possible. But you have to look in niches where there is a possibility to get that many sales.


In other words, we want evidence that other sellers are doing a grand a month of profit with their products. Usually this means there's at least three sellers in the niche who are doing three grand a month in revenue, right? And we can assume that a third of that revenue is profit - not always the case, but as an average - and therefore there'll be making a grand a month profit each.


And if three sellers are doing this, then you can come along and be the fourth. As long as you add value to the marketplace, separate yourself, establish yourself well, create a great listing and, and you know, do everything right.

So I would reestablish this goal.


And look, you don't just want to have one product, obviously you want to have several because then it's safer. Just in case one product tanks, or the supplier doesn't want to work with you anymore, or competition comes in, or whatever it is. It's good to have several products on the go, but aim to make a grand a month with each one, and then maybe launch two or three and get to, say, two or three grand a month profit.


Then it makes a lot more sense to spend eight and a half thousand pounds on a reorder because it takes you much less time to get your money back and you get a much bigger ROI. Okay? Awesome.


Hope this helps you and hope this gave you a few ideas of what to do next and a few things to try. If you find it helpful, make sure you let me know in a comment below.


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Have an amazing day and we'll speak very soon.


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