Should you sell bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon?


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Are bamboo toothbrushes gonna make you rich? Well, today we're going to find out.


So welcome to today's episode of Niche Spotlight.


There's a new thing I'm trying where I take a product I've had quite a few people mention and we have a look at the niche on Amazon and see if it's something that you could sell.


The first thing we do whenever we're thinking of a niche to sell on Amazon is type the general keyword into the search bar to get a look at all the competition. Have a look at all the people selling it so we can check out all the stats, right? So I've typed bamboo toothbrush here into to You could do the same thing in the U S if you want to, or any platform. And what we're going to do is just have a look at some of the sellers and see what's going on.


If we think about the smash hit product radar, there's four elements we want to look for in any product, right? The first one is high demand. The second one is low competition, the third one is low hassle, and the fourth one is a gap in the marketplace. So I usually go through these, in that order. If I pull up Jungle Scout, which is, in my opinion, the best app to use to analyze this stuff, and I've sorted the results by monthly revenue.


We want to see if there's enough revenue going through this niche to get an idea of what we'd be able to make sales. Cause if no one was buying the thing, it's very unlikely that when you offer your thing, no one's going to buy your thing ever, right? So if loads of people are buying the thing, there's high demand, people want it, therefore there's a market there.


All right, so number one seller's doing 11,500 pounds a month, that's a very good sign. Probably doing maybe two or 3K a month profit with this product, I would assume, although we don't know, there could be doing anything. But this is the safe estimate. They're doing about 25 to 30% profit. Their second best product's doing 9K a month. Third best product's doing 7K a month.


And if we look and assume that, a third of the revenue is profit, right? Then at least one, two, three, four, five, six, seven in fact, take that guy away. So six of these products, let me just make sure I've sorted this by revenue properly. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine sellers are doing more than 3K per month in revenue. Therefore, if they're doing 30% profit, they're also doing a grand amount of profit with their product.


So I would say this product has a lot of demand. People want to buy this product. If there's more than three sellers doing at least 3K a month in the UK, I say it's a good enough demand. So this product definitely has that. So now let's move on to competition. How much competition in this niche is it very competitive? Is it very relatively undiscovered? How do we figure this out?


Well, it's not to do with how many people are selling the thing. It's more to do with how many established sellers there are. So customers are more likely to go to those sellers rather than the ones who are new. And how do we find that out? Reviews, right? So if we have a look at some of the highest levels of reviews in this niche, I'd say it's these two best selling products.


Best selling products have the most reviews. It makes sense. So these products have 850 reviews each. Usually what we want is we want most sellers to have less than 400 reviews and in in the niche. That's usually an indication that the niche isn't too well discovered yet. There's not too many established sellers and there's room to compete in the marketplace.


Also, another thing we want to look out for is no brands. Big, big brands. 'Cause competing with them is very, very, very tricky. They've already got the marketing power. Everybody knows them. People would rather buy a big brand product and you know, all these little import from China private label thing. It's just the way it works. So the good thing is there's no recognizable brands in this niche that I know of anyway. But there are a couple of products with higher reviews.

So I would say this is a moderately competitive niche.


There's a little bit of competitive competition, but it's not too crazy. So we've talked about demand, we've talked about competition. Now is this low hassle?It's made of wood. It's very small, it's very light, very easy to import. So yes, it's definitely low hassle, right? It's not going to be difficult to get thousands of these shipped over from China very easily. You could even use express shipping for our first few orders if you want to get them extra fast.


Okay, so I'd say relatively low hassle product. Now the question is, is there a gap in the marketplace now for this product? This is really the area that will determine whether or not you could make money selling a bamboo toothbrush. Is there a gap?


Now, this is a big question, and interestingly enough, the two sellers who are making the most money in this niche, have actually done what I always say you should do, and this is a beautiful case in point of how to make your product stand out, how to add extra value to the marketplace, and how to fill a gap so effortlessly without having to spend tens of thousands what to find the product and doing something really crazy.


So what am I talking about? What have these guys done? Well, let's have a look at Jungle Scout again and just look at the difference between the best selling products and the rest. All right, so product number one is doing 11.5K per month in revenue. Product number two is to be 9,300 pounds per month in revenue.


These are both being sold by the same product, same brand, and they're doing way better than the rest of the products. And they've used the same strategy. What is this mysterious strategy? Well, it's bundling. Every other seller in this entire niche is doing the same thing. It's like, here's my product, I offer it by itself, perhaps here's some toothbrushes, here's some toothbrushes, here's some toothbrushes, right?


Except for this dude who seem to have bundled something as well, which is cool. All right? So he could be on the up, but most of the other sellers haven't done this. And so what's happening is there's no real difference between this product and for example, this product. They're pretty much exactly the same.


Why would you buy one over the other? Well, the only thing that differentiates them is the price. So you'd probably go for the cheaper one so that he's going to be making sales but not making that much profit because it's products quite cheap. However, best sellers, number one and two, I've put together a really good bundle where you get the toothbrushes, you also get some cotton buds, which makes sense because it's like a toiletry item. And also you get dental floss too.


And it all comes in this cool cardboard, eco-friendly packaging without any plastics. All aligns with what people in this niche are looking for and you know, it just makes sense together, it's a great bundle and done the same thing with the second product as well as a great bundle. You get the toothbrushes, you get the dental floss, and you get the air buds. Because of this, they're able to charge a little bit more than some of the others.


7.25, 6.99, and the customers are getting a great deal. So the reason they've risen to the top, one of the number one reasons is because they found a gap in the marketplace. In other words, they've realized everyone else was just selling toothbrushes. They've come in with a bundle, their product stands out, they've risen to the top.


So the question is, can you sell in this market place and can you make a profit? Could you make a grand a month in profit with your product? Well, if you can find a way to make your product stand out as well as these guys, then you will have a chance. In other words, if it's a big, if you can create a bundle that's vastly different or somehow better than the toothbrushes, ear buds and dental floss, and if you can do all this stuff profitably and still price competitively as in around the seven pounds mark, if you can do that, then you should be able to compete.


You should be able to compete in this niche, but I would assume is that you're going to have to place a big order to be able to be profitable, maybe over a thousand units to get the cost per unit down to get the shipping price is cheap enough per unit to be able to make any profit to compete in this marketplace.


Now, I don't know this for sure. You might go to a manufacturer, they might give you a ridiculously cheap prices for the bundle. You might be able to do it for 200 units, who knows? But my assumption is you have to order quite a large volume of products to get the cost per unit down enough to make a profit. If you can do that, then this niche will work for you.


What you should never do in a niche like this is go in and just sell five to and just be like all of these other suckers in the niche who are just going to be battling for the price point because there's no differentiation between any of their products. They're all pretty much exactly the same set for this guy again who seems to be a relative new seller. He's only got 13 reviews and he's able to charge 10 pounds because he's bundled.


I've got a feeling his product's gonna rise up through the ranks and he's going to be doing very well. Also notice 150 sales only and he's already done 1500 pounds. Right? That's the power of being able to charge more than everybody else. You don't have to sell so many units to make decent revenue.


So that's my overall review of the bamboo toothbrush niche. If I have to give it a rating out of 10 as a niche, or maybe I could borrow Jungle Scout's scoring system of opportunity score, I would give this a six out of 10 opportunity score. There's there's definitely revenues, definitely demand, the competition's moderate, but if you can find a gap and if you can sell a product profitably in this niche and offer something really different to everyone else, then you could just make it work. All right?


If you like this video, then please comment below and like the video, let me know, and what I'll do is I'll make more if you have any suggestions of products you want me to review and niches you want me to look at. Let me know and I'll make more videos like this. All right. Thanks so much for watching the video and we'll speak soon.


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